Rayon based carbon fiber

We supply rayon based carbon fiber

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Rayon based carbon fiber has no perfect microstructure, thus, due to its pores, after carbonization and graphitation the carbon fiber has high thermal insulation and heat emitting properties

Such type of carbon fiber is widely used in special applications

Product range we offer for supply:

Rayon based carbon farbic

Rayon based carbon ribbon

Graphite felt


SEM-image of graphitized rayon based carbonfiber

Surface is smooth with no pores on it

SEM-image of activated rayon based carbonfiber

A lot of pores on its surface

Properties of rayon based carbon fiber define its application:

  1. Heat insulation (as CF has low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance)
  2. Special composites (as CF has a very stable properties for some applications)
  3. Filters and supercapacitors (as activated CF has high sorption parameters)
  4. Electrical heaters (CF is electrically conductive)