Graphite needled felt (viscose precursor)

We distribute carbon and graphite needled felt (rayon, or viscose fiber based)

Graphitization temperature is 2200 C

Graphite felt has a very good heat insulation properties

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Graphite felt has no melting point. This is a key feature for its application 1500+ C  (in inert media)

Available thickness 5-7mm and 8-12mm.

Width 65, 100, and 120cm


Graphitized at 2200 C

Carbon / Graphite felt
Roll of carbon / graphite felt


Application of graphite felt

Heat isulation composites (rigid carbon board) based on carbon felt



Cylindrical board made from carbon felt (heat insulator)

Heat isulation composite (rigid carbon board) based on carbon felt

Heat isulation composite (rigid carbon board) based on carbon felt


Electrodes with high surface area for electrochemical application (3-D electrodes)


Carbon felt electrode for gold extraction

Microbial fuel cell made from carbon felt


Carbon felt properties

Nominal thickness, mm

4 - 6;   8 - 10;   10 - 14

Nominal width, mm

650; 1000; 1200

Ash content, %

0,1 - 0,15

Volume weight, kg per cubic meter

110 ± 10

Heat conductivity at 20-2000°C, W/m*K

0,07 - 0,5

Heat capacity, J / kg * K


  • Roll length is 15 to 50 meters of carbon felt
  • Roll weight is from 4 to 40kg