Carbon tubes

We produce carbon tubes by wet filament winding. Also we produce carbon boards

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The facility we have is:
- climate control
- 3 winding machines of our own design. Net length of tubes 7000mm max
- high precision steel mandrels collection from 8 to 150mm diameter
- box for tubes curing
- tubes take-off station
- box for tubes cutting and sanding
 Small diameter mandrels
  • carbon tow 12K / 24K of standart level (230-240 GPa), special tow upon request
  • long life and low viscosity epoxy resin
  • bandaging with high tenacity polymer film 8 to 18 layers
  • winding angle from 5 to 85 degrees
  • experience in carbon fiber from the year 2002
  • virgin or sanded tubes surface
Comparison of sanded and unsanded tube surface   Tubes range


Wide range of a tube size is available: Трубка карбон

Length, mm Inner diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm

4200 mm max

6 - 200 mm 0,8 - 10 mm


If not specified we make winding 15 degrees angle (5 to 85 degrees available)

Layout of 15 degrees winding - for bending Layout of 45 degrees winding - for twisting

Carbon tube winded at 15 degrees (sanded)

Carbon tube winded at 45 degrees (sanded)

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