Carbon tubes for bike frames*

We make carbon beauty for your bike frame

Each our carbon tube is strong and flexible for dynamic bike riding loads

Each our carbon tube has a light weight and a very nice pattern  

Set of tubes (7pcs) weights 700 to 1300 gms depending on frame type and size

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Bike frame layout
bike carbon frame bike carbon frame

The tubes we make are cylindrical and straight only

Inner diameter 6 to 50mm

Wall 1 to 5mm

We also have special bike mandrels, i.e.

- for carbon tubes with inner diameter 27.25mm and 31.65mm (seat tube)

- 1inch (25.4mm), 1/2inch (12.7mm), 1and1/8in (28.57mm), 1and1/4in (31.75mm)


Down tube samples. Outer diameter 50mm, wall 1.5  2.5 and 3.0mm

Inner layers 45 degrees, outer layers 15 degrees

Filament winding angle  5 to 85 degrees.

We can vary winding angles inside tube layers to combine stiffness, flexibility, and torsion resistance.

Tubes are available in original or in sanded form.


Carbon tubes are lightweight (1.5g cc) and strong as steel.


Sample set of bike frame tubes:

Seat tube 26x29.8x700mm

Upper tube 27x30x650mm

Down tube 42x44x680mm

Seat stays 10x14x550mm (2pcs)

Chain stays 15x19x450mm (2pcs)

Total wt. 725gms


Case 1. Down tube

Tube 38x42x700mm, wt. 393g/m

Carbontube 38x42mm

Tube 38x42x700mm


Case 2. Top tube

Carbon top tube 30x33mm

Top tube 30x33x550mm, wall 1.5mm, wt. 240g/m


Case 3. Stay tubes. Wall 1.5 to 2.5mm. Outer diameter 10 to 20mm

Case 4. Seat tube 31.75x34.98mm. Weight 260g per meter


Bike frame made from carbon tubes

Carbon tubes pattern