Shafts and rollers

We produce filament wound tubes for driving shafts and rollers

Carbon tubes are used for driving shafts (torsion load) and rollers (bending load + antistatic).


  • higher strength with 5 times less weight
  • less weight = less energy consumption
  • wider working length + higher speed
  • minimal moment of inertia among materials for shafts
  • zero corrosion and very high chemical resistance
  • electrical conductivity = no static electricity

Carbon is modern solution for driving shafts and rollers.

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Carbon tube 55x58 for UAV-helicopter drive shaft

Carbon tube 70x82x2400

Carbon tube 70x82x2400

Driveshaft with carbon tube

Winding shaft with carbon tube


Carbon tubes for rollers


Carbon tube 50x56x1290, wt. 980g

Carbon rollers for extrusion line

Carbon rollers for extrusion line


Carbon tubes outer diameter 50mm and wall 1.5 2.0 and 2.5mm Carbon shafts winded at 45 degrees

We offer

* inner tube diameter 6 to 160 mm

* wall thickness 1 to 10 mm

* length up to 7000 mm

* twisting or bending type of tube 

15 degrees winding layout - for bending 45 degrees winding layout - for twisting